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How we can earn through Graphic Designing in 2020


Graphic designing has too much scope in the online field every person wants to hire anyone for editing pictures, creating videos, making logos, and many more. In this post, I will discuss Graphic designing and also its type it’s a big topic so I divide it into different parts.
Some Graphic designing types are described below:
Video Creation
Picture Editing
Logo Making
Post creation

I describe some of the graphic types in this post and I will share some others in my next post.

Graphic Designing
Video Creation:

When we talk about graphic designing then the first thing which comes in our mind is video creating and editing. This is a huge type of graphic design. It has also many types but I will discuss another post. Video editing has many types like youtube video editing creating video for marketing purposes. Sometimes a person orders for personal video creation. Many people doing this work and earn a handsome amount.
Picture Editing:
Picture Editing is also another popular type of graphic design. It includes a set picture to remove unwanted objects like background display or background sound. It has a huge demand in the market for picture editor. Nowadays’s other skill is so popular which relate to picture editing is background removal. If you learn how to remove the image background and set another attractive background so you can get orders more than your expectations.
Logo Making:
Logo creation is one of the big works and its demand is rise day by day. Many companies want to hire a logo designer for company logo creation. This work does not take much time you create one logo in only 5 to 10 minutes in an adobe photoshop or coral draw. For logo making you need to learn about any of this software.
Post creation:
Post creation also has big demand because it has many categories like Social media posts, blog posts, product advertisement posts, marketing banner, flyers, and business cards. It’s too easy to learn and many websites provide the facility to create posts without any stress they provide their template you only need to put your information. Canva is one of the best websites in this regard.

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