What is blogging? | How to make money Blogging in 2022

If you want to know how to make money blogging then you are in right place. After reading this article you will get a clear knowledge about blogging.

How to make money Blogging

Blogging and how to make money blogging?

People often try to collect knowledge about blogs and blogging from various sources and are still left with doubts like – what blogs exactly are, what is the origin of blogs, how blogs can help us to earn money, etc. If like many others, you are also looking for a guide to learn about how this blogging world really works, so let us tell you that you are at the right place. We’ll suggest you read along to get the answers to all your queries.

What does the term ‘blog’ refer to?

The term ‘Blog’ originated from mid 90’s word ‘Weblog’. This term was used for online journals back then. In weblog people used to create online diary entries which later evolved as ‘We Blog’ and then just ‘Blog’. Today we all know blogging as the means of regularly sharing informative and influencing ideas in the form of writings, photographs, presentations, or other media.

In simple words, blogging is the process of making the viewers aware of a certain idea, situation, day, person, product, or anything on a regular basis through different forms of influencing on the online platform, generally on the website.

Blogging can be really helpful for both viewers and bloggers. They are a good source of knowledge and updates. As we have discussed priorly, the blogs were confined to the updates of day-to-day personal activities. But now, it is a medium of spreading information and showing up someone’s personal intellectual skills benefitting the blogger as well. The following are some of the manners in which blogs can actually be helpful –

For Bloggers –

  1. Blogs can be a good source of marketing. They can be helpful in promoting a certain activity, skill, or product.
  2. It helps in engaging the traffic on the websites by increasing the impressions.
  3. The blogs can actually help a blogger to earn through regular content sharing.
  4. The heavy traffic and higher reaches will help in engaging with more clients and earning a good amount each month.

For Audience –

  1. Through the blogs, the viewers get to know about various facts and information on certain topics collected by the blogger.
  2. The audience can advertise their services and products through paid promotions.
  3. Blog reading can be a good method of bursting the boredom. For readers, blogs can be a great source of entertainment.

How a blog is different from a website?

People usually get blogs mistakenly as a website. The truth is that blogs are just another form of website but cannot be considered a website itself. Normal websites are static in nature and can be updated after some interval of time because it is more like a consolidated link of certain organized pages. On the other hand, blogs are always dynamic. They need a regular update. Each previous blog is displaced by the new one in the list after the post and appears in chronological order. However, the blogs can be a part of a website as well, when added as an additional tab. People usually add the blogging tab to the website to increase traffic.


If you want to know how you can become a blogger and how to make money blogging then you are in right place. If you have the ability to express your thoughts in a manner that can attract viewers, then you must try your hand at blogging. To become a blogger, the first two features you must have is – patience and determination. In order to become a successful blogger, you should have the ability to work hard with effectiveness.

When you finally decide that you are ready to start blogging, you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps to begin your journey –

  1. You have to begin by getting a domain and a host for your blogs. The domain is the URL of your website for posting your blogs. A blog host is a company that lives your website on the internet.
  2. When you are done with the domain and host, get your blog registered on a powerful blogging platform.
  3. In the next step, design and furnish your blog attractively to take the field.
  4. Once, your blog is fully customized and finished, publish it online to let other people see your talent.

You can even promote your blog on different platforms to connect with more and more viewers.

What are the basic features of a perfect blog?

The primary ingredient of a perfect blog is the ‘expressiveness’, no doubt! However, your blog must have some basic necessary features to hit the epitome of perfection.

  1. Continuity – At the primary level, a blog with proper continuity is considered a perfect blog. The blogs having continuity in sentences generally win the heart of readers as they avoid the sudden breakage of focus, enabling a smooth reading with fluency.
  2. Uniqueness – A perfect blog is one, that is worth spending time on. When someone reads the blog, they must be delivered some unique information that has not been provided elsewhere yet.
  3. Simple and Understandable language – The blog with simple language is the more successful one. The viewers have no time to spend understanding the specific and technical language.
  4. Perfect Structure – The structure of the blog must be in a well-organized manner. The neat and presentable information is always highly considerable.

Tips for improving your blogging skills

The first and most essential skill you must have to become a successful blogger is ‘the skill to express’. Making your thoughts understandable in the form of words is the only talent you need. Apart from that, if you are willing to add more potential to your blog, then you must take care of a few points mentioned below –

  • Find your niche and specialty – Before going any further in blogging you must know what is your real interest and quality. Which topic is your specialty? What is your niche? Because you cannot explain a subject to someone until you yourself are unsure about the concepts. Thus, you much know what is that one subject that you are confident in.
  • Try to be Unique and productive – At the primary level you must ask yourself the question ‘Why’, ‘why should they spend their time on your blog’, and ‘What productivity are you delivering through your blog’. You should make sure that your blog contains a piece of unique information to provide to stand higher among other existing information providers.
  • Do your homework – You must make sure that you don’t provide a piece of biased or false information. You should thoroughly study the topic before starting to write the blog. Collect the variety of material and interlink the clauses to give it a cross-check and then deliver it in simpler words.
  • Get organized – Do not hotch-potch with the topics. Decide the adequate sequence of the key points you are going to discuss. An ideal sequence increases the quality of the blog.
  • Powerful Opening – Make sure that the opening of your blog is strong enough to impress the reader and encourage him to continue with the blog. If the opening will not be strong, then the reader might shift to another source.
  • Use your natural emotions and voice – Don’t try to be too good at writing, just be natural and expressive. Sow the words with your own voice and irrigate with your emotions.

How to earn with Blogging?

Yes, you got it right. You can really earn money from Blogging. A professional blogger can earn up to $10,000 every month. And on average, you have the chance of earning up to $300 to $400 a month from blogging, just ask us how.

Well here is your answer. There are a number of ways to make money from blogging –

  1. By Providing paid services – You can serve your visitors and get paid for the services.
  2. Paid Promotions – The various brands and companies may use your viewers and engagements for marketing and pay you in return.
  3. Affiliated Marketing – It is one of the fastest emerging modes of marketing these days. Like many other bloggers, you can also get your blogs monetized under affiliated marketing programs and earn.
  4. Start a Paid Community – You can start a paid forum for your website. You may offer a monthly or annual plan of subscribing to the website for enjoying the services.

Selecting the best platform for your Blogs

The success of your blogs mostly depends upon the platform you are choosing for publishing your blog posts. You need a large community to engage more and more people on your blogs. ‘Blogger’ and ‘WordPress’ are the two biggest blogging platforms having millions of users. However, selecting your ideal platform need a tour of the features of both platforms. In an overview, ‘WordPress’ is considered the most popular platform for blogging compared to ‘Bloggers’ and has more convenient and innovative features for organizing and designing a post. Since you need to choose one among the two platforms, then you must choose by considering the features you need and then make a choice.

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