Make Money Online Without Any Investment in 2020,Best Busniness Idea

By | August 15, 2020

Online business is undeniable in this era. From year to year, more and more people are doing business online.

In fact, traditional newspapers have shifted to the digital era. In addition, schools, tutoring, etc. also use the internet.

Instagram (Join)

Speaking of endorsements, Instagram cannot be separated from this. The queen of all social media, Instagram, is great for endorsements because they are photo-based. You Can Make money Here Without Any Investment.

Not beautiful? Use make-up. Not confident? Use filters. Instagram is not a business, however, an endorsement is an online venture. Therefore, the artist is a very rich job.

The money you earn varies, how big your follower is, the more followers you get, the more expensive your endorsement price. Kyle Jenner pegged USD 300,000 for 1 photo. Many celebrities set tens of millions for 1 photo. Build your followers because follower = reach = money.

Online businesses like Instagram are mostly done by millennial children because they are not as complicated as making videos on Youtube.

Facebook (Join)

Unlike Instagram, Facebook is more used to create groups. However, you must be the admin for this business. Not too far from other social media, you have to build your follower.

Building an online business on Facebook is much easier because everyone must have Facebook and a hobby. If you like fishing, make a hobby of fishing. If you like playing games, make a toy group. If you are already famous, you will definitely be DM to post an item, link, etc. This is also an endorsement. Facebook Is Providing Many Ways To Make Money Online.

Paid group

Already talking about Facebook, paid groups should be talked about.

Paid groups are very different from the groups you usually see.

Paid groups can usually only be entered by an invite by the group owner or friends who are already members.

To create a group like this, you must have more skills, such as forex or stock trading, good at blogging, or the like.

This online business is ignored by many people because they think that no one will join.

In fact, paid groups have fewer members, however, of different qualities. Make Paid Groups And Earn Money.


One good ceiling, apart from Facebook, for starting a paid group in Telegram.

This messaging application is rarely used by many people because this app is for working people.

Many forex traders, stock traders use this to provide buy and sell signals to their members.

I myself pay USD 50 per month to get buy/sell signals for cryptocurrency.

There are still not many people doing online Telegram business. If you have more expertise, it is very suitable to have this online business.


It is no longer free or you must have the capital to build a business.

However, to buy credit, internet quota, snacks, or additional money, I will teach you how to get it.

Maybe you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, however, you must have heard of Bitcoin.

Not wrong, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies have many types. If likened, Bitcoin is an Innova car and cryptocurrency is Toyota or the car category.

In order to become an online business, cryptocurrency must be done as a trade (trader).

However, if you do not have this skill, it is better not to do it because it is more volatile than stocks or forex.

This volatility makes you rich or poor in an instant.


From ancient times, stocks have become an online business. Maybe not so famous, now, very famous.

Trading is very difficult, for those of you who want to learn, you have to learn technical graphs and chart fundamentals. You should also read news around the world because news can cause prices to fall or rise.

For ordinary people, I would recommend you to trade forex.

Playing stocks has been an online business since ancient times.


Forex is trading currencies from various countries for profit. You must choose a forex broker before playing forex.

Why is forex more friendly for beginners? because forex has a demo-account, like Instaforex.

It must be explained once again, that ALL TRADING has a high RISK. What’s more, you are a beginner.

These three online businesses (cryptocurrency, stocks, and forex) have a very big opportunity to become very rich. IDR 500 million is not a dream to do this business.

However, if you play a lot, the risk is HIGH.

My advice for beginners is to find a mentor or friend to teach you.

If not, watch Youtube learn. Many websites also teach trading for free. However, paid> free (ALREADY SURE).

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